I am not one to feel a need to try on dresses. I know what I look like and I accept that. But I am getting married next year and well a dress is needed. I have never really had that gene.

Trying on a wedding dress can be the worst experience. The ladies can be lovely. Your friends can be supportive. Your family think you look amazing. But when you see the size and limit something cries inside you and you do not dare want to go into another store.

I hate the size I need, which is a 20. Every day clothing I am about a 16-18. Right now the only thing I want to do is up everything I am doing. So you get an idea of how crushing it is for me, and that I am actually an active person.

3 times a week I am with a trainer

3 times a week I am at yoga

I am active everyday.

I dont have all that much junk food.

But PCOS just hates you. For a normal person this sort of life style would allow you to be a 12-14. Not me though. The bloating is the worst. When I am heavy, forget it I look like I have a pot belly.

I decided because I have lost weight before my lowest number was 89kg. My goal is to get into a size 16 wedding dress, which would make me a normal 14 in clothes. I feel this is a realistic goal.

right now I am suffering inside. I feel like I am not worthy of wearing a wedding dress.


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