It is strange, but one of the hardest things for me to deal with, is the extra hair. The chin hair is the most mentally and emotionally draining part of pcos. You can hide most parts of pcos, people can’t see the extra bleeding, the sugar cravings, or the depression/anxiety.

what they can see, is the hair that grows on your chin. I know that some pcos women shave it, I actually wax it, every four weeks. When I hit that 3rd week, that is when I become less, I freakout. The hair becomes a 5oclock shadow. It becomes this becon, I feel like everyone is staring.

It is spiky and corase. It is sharp. It is dark and black. I see it whenever I look into the mirror. I feel it everytime I wash my face, or scratch.

I can not embrace this part of myself, I am ashamed to admit. I wish I could, I wish it wouldnt affect me so much.

It just does.


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