Today, wed may 10th

The worst thing is the none stop bleeding, the cramps and bloating like you are pregnant.

Today was no different. I was ready and prepared. I had 5 U extra overnight pads in my bag. I knew where each bathroom was located at my uni, and I listened to my body.

The fear lives with me everyday, my travel between home and uni, is the hardest part, about 1 and half hours, with no bathroom. 

It was this afternoon when I got hit, clot after clot. different sizes. The murder scene is just horrible. You want to cry, sit on that toilet forever until it stops. 

The best moment is when you get home PJs on, pain meds taken, hot tea and a heat pack.

You can run to the bathroom as much as you want, sit on that toilet for as long as you want. 

What you don’t want is your prick of a partner complaining over and over again, over something you forgot to get. 


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